Personal Injury Cases

Personal Injury Compensation file with law gavel and eyeglasses

Medical evidence is critical to prove both the nature and extent of the injury as well as "causation".  This evidence is essential in treating a patient's pain issue but also is crucial in the settlement phase of a personal injury case.  Our doctors are board certified MD's providing exemplary care, professional documentation, expert medical reports, and who will testify and/or give deposition on behalf of your (your client's), case.  

 ATTENTION ATTORNEYS:   Please note that  WE DO ACCEPT Attorney Liens or Letters of Protection when referring clients involved in auto accidents or other personal injury cases. 

Auto Accidents

Auto accident with peopled injured

 When you are involved in an auto accident, your injuries may be apparent immediately or it may take days, even weeks to surface.  We take pride in having the latest equipment and treatment options getting you pain-free allowing you to regain your quality of life. 

Workers' Compensation Cases

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  Our expertise in the area of Workers' Compensation allows us to offer an industrial medicine program for community residents who have been injured on the job.  With back pain as the number one cause of lost work, work related injuries can diminish quality of life.  Our mission is to get you back on track and back on the job.